Which Viscocities to Use:

Varies by Location and Time of the Year
  • Below 40°F Avg Temp: SAE 10w40
  • Above 40°F Avg Temp: SAE 20w50

Popular Brands & Viscocities:

  • Amsoil Advanced Synthetic / 20w50 10w40
  • Mobil1 V-Twin Synthetic / 20w50 10w40
  • Royal Purple Max-Cycle / 20w50 10w40

About Your V-Rod & Oil:

Always use Synthetic Oil in your V-Rod! Synthetic should change oil & filter every 3000-5000miles. If your bike is brand new, make sure you break it in properly! Change the first round of oil after your first 100-300 miles, as breaking in the engine causes all the small tiny bits of metal, dust, and imperfections to be flushed out and into your oil filter.

Be sure you use a MOTORCYCLE OIL, not a CAR/TRUCK oil. Most non-motorcycle oils will work in your machine for a short time, and then begin causing problems with your clutch and shifting (Slippery Clutch / Loose Shifter). Motorcycle Oils are specially formed to work around Wet Clutches, and have lots of other motorcycle-specific qualities that are best for your bike engine. In emergency situations where no Motorcycle Oil is available, try to use Diesel oil (CF-4, CG-4, CH-4, CI-4)

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